Data Data Data

Statistics are key to making decisions. Data should be collected at every transaction, particularly in the medical world. Factual information can help others in future endeavors.

I am not sure why the Government did take the opportunity to collect data after a vaccination has been given. Everyone is given a piece of paper post-vaccination stating the day and date you need to come back for the second booster, although there is no need to return with Johnson and Johnson. I hope that we will all get some passport at one point to show when we were vaccinated, which gives us access to public places, including travel.

Why didn’t that piece of paper have a code for each person to go to a website after 24 hours and enter their reactions, if any, to the vaccine you received, be it Johnson and Johnson, Pfizer, or Moderna. There would be a series of questions. Did you get a fever, and if so, for how long and what temperature. Did you have arm soreness or swelling? Even a week later, to return on how you are feeling. Some people got something called the Vaccine arm, where they broke out in hives on their arm.

The only data collected has been through people who had had some issues when they called their doctor, or really diligent people called the CDC to let them know. For instance, I know of someone who got Covid twice and reported that.

Even if 20% of the people who got vaccinated chose to help by sharing their physical response to the vaccine, data is worth knowing for future use.

Unclear why this wasn’t done, but this is a lost opportunity because data will help us with decisions in the future at the end of the day.