It probably started in the late ’90s when the disconnect began. It took 20 years, from the advances in computers in 1970, before technology began to take off and never stopped. The Government always seemed behind the curve. Even today, how many people really understand cryptocurrencies and NFT’s? These are products of our times that are layered and complicated and are fundamentally shifting our foundations. Technology changes how we live our lives, period. How we live has a direct impact on how we evolve. The Government doesn’t really like change.

Our system is set up where large donors can be the voice in politics for politicians with their wallets. The lobbyists represent industries, so they continue to make money truly the old-fashioned way. The next generation and millennials want to stop operating in this manner. They want to be a bit more fluid when it comes to the changes they want to see that are not what corporate America wants.

This past week I read this quote from Representative Earl Blumenauer, Democrat of Oregon, “There is confusion across the country because of out-of-date laws and the fact that the American public is not waiting for the federal government to get its act together.”

I like this quote because if you don’t know the context of the quote, you could think he is talking about many things. It could be about the disconnect, which continues to become a bigger divide daily. But it is not. He is talking about cannabis laws. And he is right. The majority of the public wants to buy mind-altering substances just like their alcohol at the local store. It also means we can turn over all the convictions of people convicted of anything around this drug. The majority of them are black and brown men.

This will eventually happen; it is just about closing the disconnect sooner than later. How is unclear. Younger politicians?