Free Love

When we were in NYC over the past few weeks, we had dinner a few times outside. The first night we went to a restaurant that had built a bunch of small enclosures with a sliding door on each where you could have dinner alone or with friends who had also tested negative or soon with friends who have been vaccinated. Fingers crossed that vaccines are gaining speed, and we will all be able to step outside without fear this summer.

Our waiter had a bunch of tattoos, including a one on each finger in Hebrew. We asked what it said. He told us the word in Hebrew, which he said essentially translated to “free love, meaning that it doesn’t cost you anything to give the gift of love.” It has stuck with me.

In the era of digital media, where we witness the rise of cancel culture that has highlighted accountability for everyone. Bad players have been called out, and no doubt that had changed all of us from a time where we would turn a blind eye when it came to inappropriate behaviors. That is a good thing.

On the other hand, the division, anger, and frustration over our political beliefs have become so awful. The spewing of anger over Twitter is so ugly. There is something about the zero cost of free love, where we can agree to disagree respectfully that this young man had permanently made it part of his life warmed my heart.

I hope we see more of this kind of thinking, particularly when we get to the other side of Covid. After over a year of being locked down, it will take some time to be in a room with many people, particularly people that are not part of your inner circle. Free love just seems like the way to go.