Give me a V-A-C-C-I-N-A-T-E-D

Many of us have either been vaccinated, half-vaccinated or have an appointment on the books. It is game-changing.

I keep thinking about the rope drop. When there is a big snowstorm on the ski mountain, everyone gets up early and waits at the top for the rope drop. All is safe. The flares have been shot off to stave back an avalanche. There is this excitement bubbling in the air, and bang, everyone is off to the races skiing through luscious soft uncut powder.

No doubt our economy is going to see growth in multiple ways once the rope is dropped. The question is, how are we going to spend money? After all, the United States is an economy built on consumerism.

We have all been forced to be connected to a smaller community of friends. Local support has been a key to life for many businesses. The problems with our supply chain have come to light. How we live, what we eat, have all been going through change.

The discrimination and inequality that has been going on for as long as anyone can remember have reared its ugly head, particularly with large conglomerates, monopolies, and banks. Everyone is attempting to seek retribution. Yet, we are all paying attention to history which is a good thing.

How will all of this change the way we live our lives after being locked in for 16 months? We all need to start making decisions based on the environment, propping up local businesses, hiring diverse workforces, changing what we eat and our supply chain of where we get that food, upgrading to a global currency, putting money into the infrastructure of this country from transportation to housing, take care of our elderly, fix our medical costly medical system and completely change education.

As I ramble on about the issues, I see opportunity and the desire to make changes. If not after a global pandemic, then when?