Conservatives don’t like change. Why change when things appear to be working? Evolution is continual, and without it, economies stop growing.

Change inside Government is almost impossible. Change usually comes from outside, private individuals or companies who force change. As we are talking more and more about the need for more taxes to get our country up to speed in an infrastructure that we have ignored for decades, it comes with a price. That price is taxes. What should really take place is rethinking the entire tax system. Still, with lobbyists and special interest groups, and Senators grabbing money for their individual state needs, it is not easy. I don’t mind paying more taxes, but I wish that the money goes to the right place.

Melbourne Australia is pushing to be a carbon-neutral economy by 2030. They have spent the last two years developing a 10-point strategy for the city to become self-sufficient in food, energy, water, and be zero-waste. They believe it would also make the city more profitable.

Creating a circular economy would provide 80,000 jobs. A $100 billion transformation. Solar on every rooftop, community gardening, electric vehicles, more trains, and bikes. It is not only bold; it is brilliant.

You can check out the “new normal” here. Melbourne is leading the way. I do hope that the US follows.