History Begins to Shine New Lights

Judith Thurman wrote an article called The Eye of the Needle for the New Yorker.  It is one of the countless articles coming out that highlights people, mostly women, emphasizing black, brown, and Asian people.

Many people have lived hard lives but managed to succeed and put their mark on history, although we are just beginning to learn about many of them.  We are finally reading about their achievements.

This piece is about the Black designer Ann Lowe.  She was a seamstress for the elite.  Her workmanship is stunningly beautiful and intricate.  
She was a tough woman who followed her own path.  Thurman points out her mantra might have been attributed to Churchill, who said “Success is not final.  Failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts.”

Ann was an entrepreneur and probably never realized it.  She didn’t mourn for a life that many expect today.  A life of wellness, balance, achievements, and high expectations.  She just did.

There are so many of us out there today just doing it without fanfare. To me, those are the people who truly shape our nation. I want to read more about people like Ann Lowe. They are the inspirations for the next generation.