Immigration and Inequity

Data is key. It just explains the facts.  During covid, it became impossible to ignore the systemic racism that has been intertwined in our history.  Those who don’t understand how difficult it is to rise in the black and brown communities, then just read the data.  Axios came out with several articles around the data this past weekend.  

Shorter lives, lack of healthcare, lack of healthy food, lower incomes.  Could you imagine being a single mother juggling a minimum wage job and raising your family?  I can’t. 

And all of this is finally getting to the point that the drain on the economy is stupid.  Our country is growing more diverse every single day and will continue to.  Our economy thrives on people who come to make a better place for themselves and their children.  Through all of this, many of those children rise to be extremely impactful people in our society.  It is an endless circle.  We should create a country where we open our arms to people who want to have a better life here.  Who will work hard, obey the laws, and be working people in our society  We should be helping them, not hindering their access to healthcare or a great education.  It is time for these changes. 

Someone needs to stand up and fix the immigration problem that will be a benefit to everyone.  What is going on now is a drain on society.  Build that department up quickly and figure out how to have speedier processes.   The entire system needs to be taken apart and rebuilt. It continues to get worse every day.

It kills me that when I see those kids faces, who are here by themselves and think they are already fucked.