Museums, art, and soon….theater

You still can’t just wander into a museum; you have to plan. It is one of the first things I have done since being back in NYC.

I went to the show at the New Museum with my daughters this week. The show is called Grief and Grievance: Art and Mourning in America. The show brings together 37 artists whose work reflects the social and political life in the Black community.

The show isn’t that great. I have seen almost the majority of the work before, but being in a museum felt great. Being there with very few people, actually my daughters through most of the exhibit, is a treat.

It is also a treat walking around Soho, realizing I am one of a few people on the street. It also bums me out, but every week I hope it gets busier and busier.

The Julie Mehretu show at the Whitney is powerful. Her work is densely layered with architecture as a backdrop, layering on abstract designs representing migration, capitalism, and change.

The works are intense.

Our last art stop is possibly an Instagramable moment but it is fun. The artist, Marcel Alcala, has created a room straight out of Good Night Moon. The pieces are available for sale too.

It felt good getting back into the normal groove. Next week, the Met, and the following theater!