The System

My cynicism is raging.

Watching the NCAA’s this weekend was exhilarating. The advertisements are depressing. If you were an alien from another planet trying to understand America, all you would have to do is watch TV. Consumerism, stupidity, simplicity, and skewed reality.

Then take a dip into the news role. The Republicans seem to be just supporting their base with zero moral compasses. The Democrats have their own set of issues, but at least you do get a feeling that they actually do care for their fellow man. How do we move on from this anger, division, and false narrative? Since Reagan declared that Government is not the solution, we have essentially ignored our infrastructure, and now parts of the US look like a third world country.

Government is just depressing. The petty arguments and the political maneuvering that is only about power and nothing else. Particularly the overwhelming lies from all sides of the fence.

Maybe it is the greed. Yes, we have been insanely successful and more than our wildest dreams, but we don’t just give financially; we work on changing the narrative for equality.  As Darren Walker so brilliantly talked about the need for change in this country last night on Sixty Minutes, it is the only way we will succeed as a country.  We must move in a new direction.  We must have less of a divide in multiple genres from work, access, and opportunity.

I could stop reading the paper, my Twitter feed, any TV show with advertisements, and all daily content, but I can’t. I dig into How Beautiful We Were and read about corporate greed running rampant worldwide. I want to believe that it is a minority of people who create anger, lies, and destruction. The destruction they have left is unconscionable.

The tech world has done their fair share if not more. Few give back. Enough said on that one.

Even though we are getting to the other side of this pandemic, there are days when I am not sure I even fit in. The system needs to be dismantled.