Wrapping Up LA

It is time to return to NYC. Seeing people randomly bust our dancing in the aisles of Balthazaar at dinner makes my heart sing. I want to bust out dancing too.

The past week has been a win. I spent Saturday night up in Ojai with two of my dearest friends. We took a three hour walk and laughed harder than I have in months.

Passover tapas with my brother, sister-in-law and her parents was a treat. Delicious matzah ball soup from my brother, who happens to be an excellent cook. Spent a lot of time with them which was very much needed.

I tried new products.

Had friends over for dinner a few times. This golden beet, dill, yogurt and grilled scallion dish was part of the meal.

Visited some classic Venice antique stores. Great dogs!

Wasn’t sure I could rock this shirt.

Watched at least 1 or 3 movies the nights I was solo.

Ollie certainly enjoyed his time.

Picked some of the fruit from our tiny grove.

Dined at Felix. Always a bonus. Honestly the best food on the westside of LA.

Did some shopping in my fave store.

But more than anything I just took in the sunshine, the smell of honeysuckle and listened to the birds chirping. It had been almost a full year since I was in LA. Nothing has changed but everything has changed.