65% of women have school-age children work. Over 3m women have dropped out of the workforce compared to a quarter of that for men. Why? It’s the children. Someone has to take care of the children. Data proves that the majority of the responsibility still falls on a woman’s shoulders. The only way to change this is by creating a much larger childcare industry. Whether you like Hillary Clinton or not, she was right when she said and then wrote a children’s book on the topic; It Takes A Village.

I feel like I did a pretty good job of navigating my career alongside raising a family. I got to the other side. I can’t even imagine being home all day with school-aged children watching and listening to how they work. Exhausting.

Women should have the ability to have equal careers to men with zero holds barred in those pre-Kindergarten days. Women should have options.

I know many women who chose to leave the workforce when they had kids. I did the same thing when Jessica and Emily were 3 and 1. I basically stayed home while working, and my career evolved. Kind of like all the women did during Covid through the phone.

I know many women who just never worked in business again. They worked differently. They raised a family, kept a home, and that is not easy. But now, many of these women find themselves as empty nesters with many years ahead of them. Husbands continue to work, and the days are empty. It isn’t bad, but at this point, you can’t rejoin the workforce. Many begin to feel really lost. And all of them are smart well-education women.

They had no options. There has to be more options to have equality.