Will 3-D Housing Save Us?

3D printing was a big buzzword in the early 2000s. Shapeways made a large impact on the world when 3D printing became an easy way to take files and create products. A lot has changed.

I have been watching the 3-D housing world continue to grow. Housing has become more expensive, and too many have fallen through the cracks. Will 3-D housing save those in need of a roof over their head? I hope so.

Builders are buying parcels and creating new communities of 1400 square foot homes with 3D printing. In many ways, no different than Levittown, mass-produced homes for all the families building after WW2.

There are students working on creating homes for the homeless. And it is happening in every nation.

The picture above is a 3D printed homemade from raw earth, making it fully recyclable. There are too many days where the entire world seems like it is going down a bad path, but following the growth in 3D housing, the world actually seems to have a bright shining light of opportunity.