A few days at the Mayflower Inn

Our friends suggested that we go away for a few days for her bday. Six couples. We had all gone to Berlin together a few years ago and had an incredible time. This weekend was just as much fun. Note to self, do these things more often.

We went to the Mayflower Inn. Fred and I used to go there to recharge our batteries when our kids were young. There have been some upgrades since then, and the spa is beautiful. It felt more magical back then, but perhaps it was my frame of mind.

The weather wasn’t cooperating for a hike, so we went into the towns and did a little shopping, a little eating, and walking around. No masks if you have been vaccinated. We all were giggling and obviously buying! Blueprint is an insanely well-curated kitchen store—incredible savory products, linen napkins, pots and pans, and so much more. The owner carries socially conscious products and supports local women. This was a mother/son store.

The mother told us to check out her son’s new store, Louis CT. And so we did. The gift of curation runs deep in the genes. You can go in there, pick up some vintage furniture, art and perhaps recover your couch. We loved the place.

This waterfall sits behind the stores in New Preston. Blink your eyes and you will miss the town.

Off to lunch at White Horse, a country pub. The size of each portion was crazy! This pot pie is for one.

A little rest and relaxation before heading to CT for dinner. This is obviously the place. A beautiful warm glow hits you the second you walk in the door. We could have easily been in the middle of a European farm town. Modern with a good aura. We even bumped into people we know there! The best part is I knew the owner. I didn’t realize it until we walked in. The pea hummus and crackers were outstanding!

Joann Makovitzky is the managing partner at Community Table. She was in the restaurant business forever with her former husband. Got divorced, moved to New Preston, started a new life, bought a house, and boom, there she is. I even got the chance to stop by her house the next day for a lost item. Her house is charming, with incredible backyard views and an open kitchen. Great to see her and even greater to see what she has accomplished.

The next day we pulled out, went home, and vowed to curb our food and alcohol intake for a few days, at least. One of my favorite activities was sitting around the fire, sipping amaro, and making s’mores. Looking forward to more of that this summer!