Sisters on Track

Without a lot of fanfare, the Tribeca Film festival turned 20 this year.  They spread across the boroughs this year, but the marketing was so minimal many didn’t even know it was happening.

We had the luck of going to see Corinne van der Borch’s documentary Sisters On Track outside at Metrotech.  It reminded me it is good in the world.  It is a coming-of-age story that follows three sisters, Tai, Rainn, Brooke Shepperd, their mother, Tonia Hardy, and their track coach, Joan Bell, over a 5 year period.  Three sisters end up on the cover of kids Sports Illustrated for their accolades in track while living in a homeless shelter.   The tough love of their track coach, the hardships of a caring mother who is working hard to be a Mom and get out of her financial situation.  They are rewarded with rent paid for two years in a furnished apartment by Tyler Perry.  It is game-changing.  These young women, who are now 16, 17, and 14, are on a completely different path, and it could have turned out otherwise.

 Netflix loved Corrine’s concept and backed the film.  A worthy watch when it rolls out.


After we headed to Frankie’s for some pizza, and a few other treats.  

I can’t say enough about these wine-poached prunes over marscapone.  The manager told us, it is what you want a cinnamon bagel to be.  It sounds crazy but spot on

That evening we made our way to EN Brasserie, which was at one point in our lives in heavy rotation.   It was as good as I remember.  Sitting in those comfy low mid-century brown leather chairs is extremely relaxing.  
More to come in the weeks ahead before we pull out of town for the summer.  Right now, it’s feeling insanely good to be in NYC.