Victoria’s Secret Woke Up!

I would love to know who pulled the trigger and woke up over there at Victoria’s Secret. It is impressive. After all, they still own almost 20% of the lingerie market, stumbling down from about 35% five years ago. Countless DTC brands have been building in this space for the last 5 years. Could this be the company that saw reality and actually reacted?

I have been watching Victoria’s Secret with fascination since they came on to the scene. Their brand screamed that we are appealing to what men want and supposedly the body that the media has told women they should want. It worked and foisted eating disorders on a generation of young women. The fashion shows they are famous for made me wonder, is this what Hugh Hefner’s parties are like? It ends up plenty of bad misogynist shit was going on behind closed doors at Victoria’s Secret. Shocker.

It feels terrific seeing brands give equality to a myriad of faces, bodies, genders, and anyone that should be represented in the woke world we are living in. This part of the woke world I love. It is forcing all of us to recognize the reality of who we are as individuals into advertising, content, and the media.

Will Victoria’s Secret be able to turn this around that fast? Only time will tell. What they are paying the next faces of Victoria’s Secret is unclear, and I hope those faces are making their mark on a new reality. But, truthfully, their past message was offensive.