Are We All Just Going to Slow Down?

There are a few game-changing post-Covid changes taking place. People are slowing down. Some people are deciding that they don’t really want to work. Unclear how that pays for the rent. It is how we want to live that is changing. It is about mental health. Pre-Covid, we were running at full speed, and many felt like a hamster on a wheel, then everything changed.

We were all going so fast, pretending that our infrastructure was working until Covid hit. We were at the height of wealth, bringing corruption and allowing places like Hudson Square to be built. Why not public housing? All those tax breaks, for what? Now nobody will go back to work as they did, and I am quite confident desk life at 100% capacity it will never return. It goes back to the reality that we all want to slow down, change the world we came from. It was time, and now it is time.

Slowing down is good for communities, friendships, families, all those parts of our lives that deserve more time. I am still working, creating new businesses, but I am not frantic. I felt frenetic before Covid. I don’t believe anyone wants to go back to frantic. It is also ok, to be honest about our mental health. Someone said that pre-Covid she would tell her team that she had a locked-in meeting every week at 5 pm that she had to go to. Now she would say, I have my therapist every week at 5 pm in my calendar. It is subtle, but it is huge.

Every person in the entire world has been affected by Covid. We will see a major social change from this historical experience called Covid perhaps sooner than later. The overlying question is how will this change our global economy that has built on some shaky ground.