History is the key to the Future

Critical Race Theory has become a new topic of creating division in our country. I’d love to ignore the nonsense, but you can’t because people truly believe that we shouldn’t teach that racism has been baked into the foundation of this country. But it is.

These days we are watching an uprising of citizens debase educators hoping that their protests will force history to be taught with blind eyes. It is similar to watching helicopter parents. It all goes under my disdain for micro-managing.

It is the fear that our children will grow up in a more equitable world where we acknowledge that systemic racism has occurred from day one? Or is it the fear of change? Or is it an embarrassment to us to tough Americans that are hell-bent on patriotism at any cost? What is it?

I get it, but I don’t get it. Change is underfoot, in a new way, and in a better way. We evolve as a nation, maybe we are teenagers right now, and we will eventually get to the other side. Teaching Critical Race Theory in schools, from the time our children are in nursery school, is the only way to move our nation forward. What is the point of creating a divide? It just creates anger and frustration.

In the end, change always wins, whether you like it or not.