Kindness is Key

With Covid, every day seems to be a shooting target. We are living through such strange times. Every meal, the discussion eventually moves towards what has changed, where are we going, when will this end, and how will our lives be different. The answers change daily.

The one constant is that people want to keep their good friends closer than ever. The desire for in-person human connection is understandable. The strangest thing is the lockdown felt like we were treading water. In this weird way, when I see people now, it is as if I saw them yesterday.

More now than ever, kindness is key. It doesn’t cost anything. It is free. Being mean, frustrated, or angry when anxiety runs high isn’t helpful. Hospitality is clearly understaffed, entrepreneurs continue to build businesses, and thanks to the anti-vaxers, we might have another lockdown.

Be kind, say thank you….it’s free.