What is up with space? In the Summer of Soul, my brother reminded me of a movie produced by our friend Dave Dinerstein, the scene he called “Whitey on the Moon.” Just noting, an incredible must-see film. At this time, Gil-Scott Heron, an unknown Harlem poet, was at the event and spoke to newscasters covering the concern. He said, “I can’t pay no doctor bill (but Whitey’s on the moon) / Ten years from now I’ll be paying still (while Whitey’s on the moon.”

Now that the rich entrepreneurs have decided to monetize space or others such as George Lucas, that insanely creative Seth Rogan wrote about in his laugh-out-loud book Yearbook. George was going to escape from the world on his rocket, and nobody was coming along.

Let us remember, the entrepreneurs will be taking that first flight because they can. Is space more important than saving our planet? It seems pretty nice here. We haven’t taken great care of planet Earth, but it seems that if all that money that went towards the spacecraft went to public housing or massive education shifts and saved our earth through climate change, it could be quite game-changing.

I wonder if women had that type of cash, what would they do? MacKenzie Scott rules. She is spreading it out in so many good ways. Melinda Gates has already made an impact; what is she going to impact next? There are others. Those women should all be using this platform that they now have to change the world and amplify what they are doing. They are role models for the next generation of young girls and boys.

I am pretty sure that any of the female entrepreneurs I know, no matter how much money they made, wouldn’t build a spaceship. Just saying.