The Non-Vaccinated

Los Angeles has brought back the mask. I am pissed. Why should the vaccinated have to suffer because of the stupidity of others?

In France, Macron said enough is enough. It is mandatory to get vaccinated if you want to do anything, basically. A digital health pass would be required to get into a bar, restaurant, amusement park, shopping center, trains, buses, planes, and any public space. We should do the same thing.

This isn’t about freedom. This is about keeping us all safe. Safe from each other. That is the role of the Government.

It isn’t about them; it is about us, the vaccinated.

We are lucky that the US bought enough vaccinations so that we can all move past the pandemic. Look at India, Africa, and other countries that continue to have lockdowns. Have you seen the photos of their hospitals?

Just when we thought we were moving past the pandemic, a new variant shows up, creating havoc on non-vaccinated people who are returning to the hospitals and getting sick. When kids go to school, they have to have proof of their vaccinations as they should, or they don’t get to attend school. Do we really want a rise again of polio, smallpox, and other deadly diseases that have supposedly been eradicated through vaccinations?

If you don’t have a digital health passport proving you have been vaccinated, stay in your house forever and never come out. Enjoy the life that you have chosen for yourself so the vaccinated can enjoy the life that we all want to live.

Just an added bonus, my friend Tracey wrote a post called “I Assumed” on the same topic. An absolute worthy read.