Top Corporate Lawyers

We spend time with lawyers.  Not shocking.  We are built on an extremely litigious society.  It is a huge piece of our economy. 

I truly enjoy the lawyers I work with.  Good people who understand the law, and I trust.
I once got into a kerfuffle with a lawyer from one of the top corporate law firms in the country. I sat on a school board with him. We were on the executive committee. It wasn’t pretty. 

The school had to make some tough decisions. It was at a fork in the road.  I went for the road that was labeled change with the times.  He went with the road labeled keep doing the same thing.  He was a lawyer, not a business person.

Anyway, I won.  He resigned, and our relationship, needless to say, no longer continued.  I look back on the whole thing and realize that he did not like to lose, particularly women.  It was an extremely weird fall-out.

I was reading another article about the disgusting, vile Sackler family. There are so many! The Sackler’s top lawyers make $1700 an hour. Think about that. You have to win every time to get paid that kind of cash. It just got me thinking about the lawyer fall-out I had because this lawyer was where the Sackler’s lawyer practiced.

How did we get to a place where lawyers are willing to represent companies that wreak havoc on our country?