Covid Politics?

Why do people cheer at a rally for being unvaccinated? They are so happy with themselves for not having Government in their lives? It just seems crazy to me that staying safe has become political.

I am vaccinated. Once I got vaccinated, I stopped wearing a mask. I realize that I can still get Covid, and many are getting Covid who have been vaccinated. They are getting a bad cold, or sometimes they lose their sense of smell, and sometimes they don’t even realize they have it. The virus can pass through our system to others even if we are vaccinated, so masks make sense. If everyone were vaccinated, I wouldn’t have to worry about the unvaccinated and wear a mask.

I totally get why each state is imposing mask-wearing again because of the fear that hospitals will start to be overwhelmed again and many will die. That would be a serious drain on everyone. But, at the end of the day, I did my duty and took my vaccination (which is now going to be approved by the FDA), and I am not going to wear a mask. I could get sick, but I am not going to die. Hopefully, I won’t even get sick.

The politicization of this is leaving many dead people in their wake. History will not be kind to these freedom fanatics who have riled up a large group of people. Most of these people have already been vaccinated for smallpox, polio, and other terrible diseases so their anger makes zero sense. Are we still just a nation of cowboys and cowgirls? Let us not forget that Trump is the one who ordered all these vaccines and got them made. He might not have distributed them; I couldn’t even imagine what a shit show that would have been, but he did order them, and he took one too.

Remember after 9/11 when the world changed? Think of what airports were like before 9/11. You could just walk on, take someone to the gate. Now, as we all know, there is the TSA, security, and definitely not walking anyone to the gate to say goodbye. Have we entered a new world again where COVID never ends, and everyone is always wearing a mask, getting tested, and waiting for a new variant to rear its ugly head? As my daughter said, “it is never-ending; it is just the new normal”.