Freelance Economy

Remember when the Gig economy was going to change the world? The gig economy gave people the freedom to make some money on the side so they could do their own thing from being an actor, an artist, making extra cash for school, or just taking time to figure out life.

During Covid, whether you worked for yourself or a company, you got to own your life in a different way. When the computer closed, you were home. You could get things done in your life while still working. It was eye-opening and for most people, it worked quite well. People liked the flexibility and the control of their own lives.

The more we get a peek into corporate America and start-up work environments, many are opting out and freelance. Companies will be forced to change how they bring in talent. Truth is, women who have left the workplace with a desire to hop back in now have a better chance of doing that. It will be about skills not showing up. The freelance talent pool is quite large and getting bigger.

Companies like Bolster are creating those 3-month or 6-month gigs for professionals who have retired or opted out to come in and be a CFO or even a CEO for a short period. Using their talents to help drive a company in a new direction without having to be fully employed for life. The thought of getting a gold watch at the end of your decades of employment ended a long time ago, now we are evolving into a freelance economy.

Everyone in our family works for themselves. Josh bartends but he runs his own gig too and could do that full time. The reality is he likes the socialization of the job. I get that, he is 25. The beautiful thing about working for yourself is being able to chart your own path. More people are waking up to that after having to do that over the past year and a half.

The reality is, owning your own life feels good.