How Come There Isn’t An Adam Neumann Effect?

Remember the Jackson 5 lyric, “One Bad Apple Can’t Spoil the Whole Bunch”? Yet investors still look at female scientists building new technologies, wondering if they are like Elizabeth Holmes. You would have thought we were past that, but it appears we are not.

Adam Neumann took down a company and billions of dollars. I am confident that has not stopped one investor from investing in another male who has as much chutzpah as Adam does.

Elizabeth Holmes is going to trial very soon. Jury is being picked as I write. I read that her case for her insane behavior or building a phony company and selling the concept to many investors (aka that is fraud) is that her boyfriend mentally abused her, and that is the root of why everything happened. As my brother put it, “I love how powerful people when their backs are against the wall can suddenly. morph into victims themselves. Disgusting”.

Shame on Elizabeth Holmes for creating another reason for men not to invest in women. Jail for you could be very appropriate. This kind of behavior has gone on for so long, and Holmes just kept it going. Another reason I left the angel investing world. A lot has changed, but I couldn’t watch it anymore after over a decade of watching and participating.