Lost Democracy

We were wondering who the Lieutenant Governor of NY is? This person would be the next NY Governor if Cuomo is ousted or he leaves gracefully. The last time this happened, David Patterson became our Governor. He was definitely not equipped to be a Governor.

I told a story of a political player who went to sit court with Patterson when he became mayor. He just rambled, and eventually, someone from his office, after more than an hour, came in and said it was time to wrap. She could have cut him off at 30 minutes and said thank you for your time and cut the meeting short, but it was out of respect that she let him run his show. At that point, there was some sort of hierarchy of respect in Government as it is in the Armed Forces.

Many of us at the table would have stopped the Governor from rambling. Is respect gone? When did that happen? How did vaccinations become political? How did we stop listening to each other? How did we all become so entitled?

I asked the table, “Are we in a lost democracy”? Unfortunately, the overwhelming answer was yes.