Art and Fashion

This is the first post-Labor day weekend. NYC is seriously alive.

Fashion week was definitely being felt downtown using the inner atrium of Westbeth on Bethune Street. Lots of cameras, music and great outfits. The bike paths were packed. The uptick in bicycle traffic is incredible.

On the west side, which used to be barren, is now filled with volleyball sand courts, outdoor cafes, tennis courts, and plenty of green spots to relax, picnic, read a book, or even exercise.

The art shows were here too. The Armory show was held at the Javits this year. It was refreshing to be back in a space seeing art and other people. The protocol was set having to show your vaccination card, your ID, and wear a mask. The same goes for restaurants although the mask thing isn’t enforced when you are obviously there to eat and drink. Loved this piece. If you can’t read the tag it says “racism catcher”.

Loved this Mushroom Piece from Roxy Paine at Zwirner.

Fred and I rode Citibikes over to Grand Banks for lunch Saturday. A large boat, sitting on the water with some seating on and off the boat. The waterfront was humming.

We continued down to the Independent Show, located in the new Cipriani’s spot, club on the 2nd floor, next to the ferry station. A smaller show. It was just nice to be out and about.

Made our way back home before heading out to Claro’s in Brooklyn for dinner. Tequilla for everyone.

Back to our friend’s rooftop to gawk at the city and remember the past. All and all, a very NY weekend.