Content Will Always Be King

So where is content going?  Let’s begin with movies.  Guaranteed people particularly ones in the film industry are sitting around tables asking themselves “how do we get people back to the movies”?   The biggest question is what’s the next business model? How do you capture eyeballs without popcorn? 

There is so much content.  What is good and what is bad? Very personal decisions. What will I like and then dip out fifteen minutes because it sucks?  Is it more of an HBO model or Netflix?   How do we know how many people actually watched the film all the way through?  How does that change our pricing structure?  Is it more niche?  

 The film industry has so many incredibly talented humans in it who have produced game-changing content.  Few hit the big time but many make a huge impact on what we see, the content we take in, get behind films be it short, long or a series that marks the times we live in.  We will see so much brilliant content over the years to come post-Covid.  How do we take it in and still have a business model that works? People need to get paid.

At the end of the day we have to change the business models away from advertising as the backbone and obviously popcorn and figure out what comes next.  Content will always be king.  It just depends on what the business model needs to be.