Maybe It All Comes Down to Fear of Change

I have been trying hard to understand the hatred in America. Reading just what I believe in certainly doesn’t help, so I have been attempting to read and understand. It is not easy.

For some, on the right-wing of politics, it is about paying as little taxes are possible. Others want to feel that they are in complete control of their own decisions. For others, it is purely about religion, and abortion is what comes to mind. They fundamentally do not believe in abortion and feel that we should have a law the bans abortions. Although many who are for certain laws don’t believe that Biden has the right to make everyone get vaccinated. Does that make sense? Not really.

We also tell a narrative about our history that doesn’t really reflect our history. It appears like there have been a lot of edits over the years. The most amazing thing that has really come out of Covid is the cracks and realities about what our country looks like and where it is going.

Just look at the media. Every person, gender, color, religion, size, and demographic is on TV, magazines, podcasts for all our eyes to see. We are moving forward, divided as we are.

What I don’t understand is the hate towards the LBGTQ community. Everyone is who they are, and we should embrace that.

The more I read, the more I see all the hypocritical leanings that work for one’s beliefs, the use of politics to appeal to a base, and most of all, the hatred comes down to fear of change. People can attempt to bring us backward, but I am not buying it.

One thing in history is for sure. We always move forward, and change always wins. There is also the fact that I read yesterday. 50 Republican Senators represent nearly 40 million people, less than 50 Democrat Senators. Ending the filibuster would change this. The reality is California should have 12 Senators for their population, but our countries constitution wasn’t set up this way. If representation equals population, then Wyoming, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Montana would have one senator combined. Think about that.

Perhaps the reason that it is so painful moving forward, particularly in Government when it is the loud minority that slows the wheels already in motion.