PRIDE, documentary series

These days there is so much content out there it has become a bit overwhelming. When I catch up with people besides asking what books they are reading or what films they have seen, we also have to flash through the shows worth seeing.

If you have not seen Pride, a documentary series on Hulu, watch it. Seven directors, six series; Tom Kalin, Andrew Ahn, Cheryl Dunye, Anthony Caronna, Alex Smith, Yance Ford, and Ro Haber. I sat down and binged.

The doc chronicles LGBTQ struggles in America from 1950 through the 2000s. What sat with me is how the LBGTQ movement is intertwined into all the conservative mistakes our nation has made over the past 70 years, including the war on drugs, the Vietnam war, and plenty more, even 9/11. This series drove that home for me.

Like Vietnam by Ken Burns and Lynn Novick or Crip Camp, a documentary on the disability revolution, Pride should be added to the list. Each of these documentaries should be required viewing in every school in our country. That is where the conversations on our history must begin, with the youth, who are our future. Let’s hope they understand the terrible misfortunes of our past and work to make a better future for everyone.