Quick Pizza

One of my favorite restaurants in NYC is King. A restaurant owned and run by women in the front of the house and the kitchen. I did a podcast with the threesome a few years back. Huge fan.

I follow Clare de Boer on Instagram. She posted on her story a quick pizza. As we all know, stories only last so long, so I grabbed the image on my phone to attempt the recipe later on. Super simple. My pizza baked much quicker (10 minutes vs 30) than Clare’s did, but it was quite delicious. Definitely making this again this week.

I just followed her posts below.

The picture above is my dough. Looks almost like Clares.

I loved that she put sardines on the pizza. I always have a few tins of boquerones around, so I went for it.

I like how Clare’s is a bit squishier. She pushed the dough together more. I probably put too much olive oil in the bowl. Next time just a little bit. Salted it up plenty before baking. The recipe is super simple. Just follow her photos. Fred called is a pizzcocchia. (pizza + focaccia). A perfect meal or just an appetizer with a spritz!