Robots Making Pizza?

About six years ago, I was at a small event in Paris with mostly start-up founders. I walked out to the street to signal my desire to leave to Fred and struck up a conversation with a robotic maker. He was doing a deal with France Disney using his pizza robot to change the game. I remember thinking to myself, is that really where we are heading? Guess what, good news is we are.

I loved this line I read in Axios on replacing human workers. We’ve been worried about technology stealing our jobs since Edison’s lightbulb replaced the candle boy. It sums it all up. As much as people have been worried and complaining about technology stealing our jobs, it might not be such a bad thing after all.

There are 8.5 million unfilled jobs and 10 million people that are not filling them. I am sure they aren’t all making pizza, but many back-breaking jobs are having difficulty being filled. Yet over 70% of Americans still want to go out and shop in person. Both points of this data point to the need for innovation.

I think about those old tales when the parents would say, “I walked ten miles back and forth in the cold rain and snow to get to school every day” is over. The next generation doesn’t care. They will live their lives differently, and perhaps a robot making pizza is in all of our future.