Are Women Finally Just Taking Over?

Maybe it is Covid, and perhaps it is the next generation, maybe it is just the shifting of time, who knows, but it appears that women are finally just taking over. There are a few things about women, we network differently than men, we tend to do something that nobody knows about, as in most of us fly under the radar, and we get shit done.

I did a podcast with Varsha Rao, CEO of Nurx, a women’s telehealth company, last week, soon to be posted, and I keep thinking about our conversation. The morning-after pill is an emergency birth control pill to prevent pregnancy. As men, yes men, have been pushing the anti-abortion laws, the reality is this pill is giving women control of their lives. Guaranteed that even the women holding up their signs at clinics have used this without telling anyone. It is a pill you can keep in the drawer just in case there is a mishap, and every woman should.

Let’s get down to the infuriating change in Texas and possibly others to come of not being able to have a legal abortion. This pill means that the only women who will need an abortion are the ones that don’t have enough money for this pill or aren’t smart enough to have it sitting in her drawer or organized enough to stay on top of their bodies. What will happen is the people who will end up having children who didn’t want them are women who don’t have the means, and so the cycle repeats itself, keeping underserved communities down. Disheartening but reality. This pill should be covered by insurance. Proactive vs. defensive, but our healthcare insurance system has yet to work like that.

Women can now talk to a doctor online. They can talk about issues freely. Even in advertisements, women are talking about their period, menopause, their vaginas. So many stigmas are being lifted. Young girls are excited to share their periods with their friends. These realities of life have long been hidden behind closed doors. That doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. Even women who are having their eyes done or their facelifted are happy to discuss. That has not been the case in the past.

Maybe it is something in the air, but the tides seem to be turning. I see more women in power, more women running for office, more women taking control of their destiny. We are so good at changing our history to fit the narrative of the moment. Still, we are finally seeing those women in our history who have made a more significant impact than we ever knew about being written about. We are finally seeing women speaking up.

It is high time that women begin to take over and sit at the table as equals. Or perhaps just take over the world.