Besides overhearing people discuss a 60th bday event and thinking 60? Filling out paperwork at the doctor’s office and writing down my age as 60, and then realizing yes, you are 60. It was a great week. The highlight was going to see a cabaret.

The room was packed to see Stacy Polley put on a show. And what a show it was. She might have been a partner at Goldman Sachs, but perhaps she missed another calling. The songs were about covid, motherhood, and figuring out what to do next in your career. They all sang, no pun intended, to almost everyone in the room.

I highly suggest she takes this one on the road. She is proof that there is life after 50 and life after an incredible career. As she said when people ask what do you do or what is your title? I used to say I am a superhero. I loved her answer, a work in progress. Seriously inspiring.