From the frustrated sidelines

I can’t decide which ongoing event is more upsetting these days.

Is it watching Dopesick, even though I already know the sordid details of the Sachler story? I know they got off for literally nothing based on their worth and the amount of money they made from OxiCotin. They should be in jail, and the cost should be in the hundreds of billions, forcing them to liquidate their entire estate, set up social programs, give money to families, help create new jobs, and so much more. The Sacklers knowingly destroyed working-class citizens who lived in small-town communities for pure greed. Would a wealthy Black family get away with that?

Trump took the destruction in those small towns and fueled their despair with lies. They had to grab on to something. It is vile.

Or maybe it is watching Elizabeth Holmes, the sociopath of all sociopaths who also belongs in jail.

Wait, there is also the Democrats’ inability to lead or compromise in 2021 but instead, continue to fight among themselves and not get anything done. We can toss Manchin at the top of the pile who has decided in his infinite wisdom to hold the entire party hostage for the 30,000 people who still work in coal. Couldn’t he think about the future, not the past of West Virginia? Oh wait, doesn’t Manchin own coal mines with his family? Maybe for one moment, he could think about the future of West Virginia, those ten-year-old kids who are definitely not going into a coal mine.

Maybe it is Bannon. I didn’t know that you can’t say fuck it, I will not show when the Senate subpoenas you. Really? Are we just ignoring how democracy works? Isn’t it time to clean out this mess? It is depressing and makes me wonder, where are we going?

We can’t forget the grifters left in the Senate that swept in with the Trump administration like Kevin McCarthy. Doesn’t he seem like a good guy? Jim Jordan, who has never got anything done in the 14 years he has been in the Congress, has suddenly found a voice? How many lawsuits is Trump in right now? Will any of this get resolved before the next election?

Do we think that Liz Cheney will fix the GOP mess? Will the Jan 6th committee make all the behind-the-scenes illegal ongoings finally become public? Will any of these people go to jail?

Why in Texas are kids who get vaccines having to stay home for 30 days afterward? We all know Abbott has been vaccinated. How about smallpox, polio, and whooping cough? Maybe we should just all go back to the time before vaccinations and see if anyone survives. A new type of Hunger Games, or Squid Games. Political games with people, how innovative.

I believe the GOP is against voting rights while only representing about 20% of the country, while 70% believe in voting rights. Is the system set up fairly? Aren’t the people in our Government there to represent us? Something needs to be changed here…right?

Have to mention Facebook. What is going through Zuckerberg’s head? Oh yes, we are all going to live in a metauniverse online like Second Life, where more of our data is sold for profit, and our children never leave the house. That sounds like fun.

And then I remember, I can’t fix China. I can be angry and frustrated, but the only thing I can do is vote. Although unclear if my vote means anything, if the GOP can hijack that too. Something has to break here. It is utterly depressing. I don’t want to bury my head in the sand, but I think maybe some days, I should.