Covid has exposed the fragility of everything. Our supply chain, paychecks, education, housing, and the need for human interaction.

I keep thinking about why is everyone so disrespectful these days? Obama posted the question, “I don’t know what happened to our culture…I don’t know when we began celebrating bullies instead of looking out for people who care about other people. When did that happen?”

A flight attendant gets punched in the face because she mistakenly bumped the cart on a woman’s arm. Parents are freaking school teachers and principals out with their behavior. People tweet out nasty shit to our elected politicians. Restaurant goers harass maitre d’s restaurants because they are asked to wear masks and show proof of Covid vaccination. When did people stop believing in the FDA and perhaps the Supreme Court?

It has been a slow boil, but things are at a rolling boil right now. It is disturbing, scary, and upsetting. Is it that Covid accelerated the anger that was already there. More than likely, that is a yes. Is that .1% of the world controls 90% of the wealth? Is it that those people appear to be untouchable? Why is a black man in prison for five years for a non-violent crime and white-collar crimes go basically unpunished with a slap of a hand and a big check? It could be all of that.

My brother made the point that it is the lack of people connection. You can’t get reimbursed for healthcare, and you can’t get a person on the other end of the line. It is us against the machines. The Government can’t even decide what to do. People are frustrated. They are not seen. They are dismissed. A funny thing happens when nobody pays attention to you; you lose it.

Are we all getting to the point in the movie Network where we can’t take it anymore? The latest post from Fox media shows angry men who look like they are getting ready for a Civil war. Why are we allowing Fox to cash in on our democracy, inflaming our communities with lies? Why are they doing this, and why are we allowing it to happen?

At one point, we need to toughen up. I hear Obama’s question, but it is more than the bullies. We need to take a deep look at our culture with technology and how we return to human connections. Pretty sure Zuckerberg’s Meta is not the answer.