Will The Future Belong to the Creators?

What makes the blockchain and NFT’s so exciting is that these technologies give access to anyone. It doesn’t matter if you are from Paris, Dhaka, or Iowa. Everyone has an equal chance to succeed and participate.

These technologies allow anyone to flourish based on their talents, period. Today’s tools give access to all who want to participate and bring their creativity to life. No longer are old-school gatekeepers calling the shots on who gets to make it to the top or even gets in the door.

I keep thinking of a world where we are living in a new economy. There will be a three-day workweek allowing people to separate work from personal life. There will be robots and technology to bridge the gap in specific jobs that have a hard time being filled with people. We can choose to live in new locations that might better suited each of us while bringing new urban environments and businesses to cities on the decline. Cities will have multiple industries making sure we never see something like Detroit again that took a rapid decline because it had hung its hat on one sector. Education will be online, and communities will be physically created based on where you are living. Farming will be localized. Energy will be a mixture of solar, wind, and nuclear. High-speed trains, above-ground rails, and self-driving trucks will be more efficient for people and supply chains. Banking will no longer hold a heavy hand over each of our finances.

We will create our currencies through crypto, communities, and global markets. The world will become flatter so we can collaborate or do business with anyone in any part of the globe. We will turn our back on old systems using new systems in a world allowing more equality for all. New tools will bring creative ideas to life on top of technologies that allow for distribution, community, and fairness. It will eventually change each Governments’s power, and in many countries giving control to the people will be more game-changing than others.

The rules of engagement are changing daily. The pandemic has amplified our desire for a new world where we can become more autonomous and work around old-school heavy-handed gatekeepers through collective determination using NFT’s, blockchain, and cryptocurrencies.

It is an exciting time to wonder about what we can do as creators and where we can go. The world is changing rapidly, even more expeditiously than most of us realize.