Web 3.0, The Age of Freedom?

What is web 3.0? I have been asked that question countless times. You have to understand Web 1.0 and Web 2.0 to understand 3.0 truly.

Web 1.0 was the first blast of using technology to build on the World Wide Web. Many content-related sites and the beginnings of e-commerce. Many entrepreneurs saw the opportunity, but it was a replication of old-school tactile businesses just moving online. Web 2.0 was a bit of the same but more participatory. Also, this generation of entrepreneurs grew up with technology, so their companies had a deeper understanding of how people engaged with the World Wide Web. And now we are at Web 3.0, where all this technology is merging to build on the blockchain that allows for decentralization, openness, and more disruption. Taking control of our currencies, the Government, and large corporations is a start. That is what we all had hoped for in Web 1.0, but good things take time.

So where are we going? Supersonic jets, flying cars, robots for menial labor, community ownership in places like Bright Moments or any other NFT platform, new business plans, equality in hiring, the democratization of information and knowledge, multiple currencies, power to the people. A complete disruption to the underpinning foundation of the global economy. A recalculation on all business models.

We need to work hard to ensure equality in this next generation of the web. We must hold this technology over the fire for equality and community. That is what I love about crypto; it is forcing change. I am so disappointed these days in our gatekeepers and Government. Perhaps web 3.0 rids us of the white masters of the universe where we see the world through white men’s eyes who don’t understand how privileged they are regardless of how smart they are. I want to see a myriad of faces at every level pushing society into the next world.

That is what I am seeing in the world of web 3.0.