Cannabis Policies Continues to Destroy our Communities

This campaign ad went viral over the last few days. It is brilliant on so many levels. Take the time to listen to the stats; the ad only takes 37 seconds. It would be game-changing to see more people like Gary Chambers Jr. in the Senate. He speaks the truth and concentrates on a topic that needs a leader.

It is time for all of the Government to give up the ghost around Cannabis. For all the jobs that will be killed because of technology (grocery check-out, for example), Cannabis can fill that spot with higher wages. Most wages in the Cannabis industry begin at $16 an hour. That is more than what Vail Resorts is paying the ski lift people.

Since 2014, states that have legalized Cannabis have raked in over $10.4 BILLION in revenue. And this number is only growing. Like Colorado, some of these states took that tax money and put it directly into education. That’s good for everyone.

People might get a chuckle from Gary, and he might be running on one platform, but it is a strong one and certainly could be more impactful because a Senators job is to influence legislation. The time for a change in Cannabis laws is now.