Fear is Traumatic

Growing up, politics was a mainstay around the kitchen table. At one point, my brother asked my Mom before going to sleep why he needed to go to school or follow any protocol since WW3 was coming. God knows what was rattling around my brother’s head at night. Very scary for a little kid. Our Mom put an end to those conversations. At this point, divorce was on the horizon.

I keep thinking about all the kids living through these unprecedented times. I knew too many parents that made-up stories or twisted the facts. It only left those kids confused. We always tried to be transparent and honest with our children and treat them with their deserved respect. The most important thing is your kids feel safe. Yet right now, so many adults don’t feel safe.

The reality is that kids hear everything and know so much more than most give them credit for. The last few years have been traumatic on multiple levels. A global pandemic paired with political upheaval is a lot to take as an adult. Think of an eight-year-old or a 15-year-old. The mental health issues are overwhelming.

In the weeks to come, I believe the US pandemic will wane. The factual information coming out over the GOP and Trump’s lies and rabble-rousing the public is mind-blowing. We have reached a time when the majority of America should be represented in our Senate; otherwise, I fear for democracy. The US is still a leader globally, and it appears that I am not the only one concerned. Countries around the world are too.

I hope that this quote remains true, that everything done in the dark always comes to light. For our children, for our country, the trauma that is twisted and highlighted in the media every day must take a new turn. It is time for our kids, and it is time for everyone.