I have never actually used Facebook. I first got a page to see what our companies were doing, starting with Zinga and Farmville. I never got it or liked it, but Instagram, which FB purchased, is a whole other story.

Instagram is a tremendous resource. On Instagram, I can take in design, recipes, fashion, and more from all around the globe. Currently, they are pushing too many choices at me to follow, but I can’t do much about that.

What I love these days are the positive and uplifting posts. I have become delighted and a bit obsessed with the animal reels. Seeing the local deer come to the back door of her best buddy’s house and knock on the back door so the dog can come out to play makes me happy. Watching dogs wrestle and play with his cat roommate brings a smile to my face. Seeing dogs nestle with a new baby addition to the household to take a nap is just glorious. I do love the elephants too. Don’t forget the birds, who knew how many incredibly gorgeous colorful birds there are.

I am searching out positive, uplifting stories vs. anger and despair. It makes my day. It makes me believe in humanity. Who would have thought that Instagram would be the app that makes me smile?