Jan 6, 2021….now Jan 6, 2022

There are certain events that I will remember where I was when it happened. We can all come up with them depending on your age. When John Lennon died, when Michael Jackson died, when Reagan was shot, 9/11, etc. January 6 is also one for the records.

I was at my friends’ house, hanging out, when her son called and said, turn on the TV. It was so crazy that it didn’t even seem real.

Now here we are an entire year later in a still divided America. Plenty of people have been prosecuted, almost 750 have been charged. Just like wars, where people jump on the bandwagon, they end up being the first people held for crimes committed. Process is a bitch. It takes too long to reel in the people at the top.

Either age or the times, I have become more cynical about the state of our Government. Democracy is not easy and often ugly, and January 6 displays both sides. It is essential on multiple levels to bring the top brass behind this uprising to court sooner than later. Regardless of what side of the event you are on, the law must be upheld.

We are shifting as a country. As a nation, we are becoming more diverse, and the white population is shrinking. The white supremacy power behind all the players on January 6 is the number one reason to bring these events to closure sooner than later. If the faces behind this event were Black, Brown or Asian, or even Jewish, the handling would be swift. Just like white-collar crimes, the punishment rarely fits the crime. White is the predominant word here.

I would hate to be here on January 6, 2023, and not one mastermind of this horrific display of an American coup that we only thought happened in other countries was not held accountable in a court of law. The top players who have the means have mastered the system with endless lawsuits to prolong their day in court once again, proving what half of America is angry about. Enough already.