A Week of Good Eating in LA!

Food is good in LA, but it seems to be getting better every day. Bonus for us!

We had Shabu Shabu at Kayagu in Little Tokyo. Very simple, tasty, and fun.

Made our way back to Echigo. It is always good and never crowded—just sushi.

Back to Felix, another fave. You can’t go wrong with anything there. The pizzas are delicious.

Went to a new spot in Santa Monica, Cobis. Wow. I am already figuring out how soon we can go back! I didn’t take any food pictures, actually shocking, but did capture Fred at the bar before sitting down. One thing was better than the following—all-natural wines at this spot. Thai food is similar to other street foods recipes. Do not miss the curry puffs!

We traveled (yes, traveled) down to Parks in Korea Town for Korean BBQ. The rice pancakes holding a piece of marinated steak, a scoop of crisp salad, with a few pickled jalapenos layered on top drizzled with a dash of spicy vinegar, is pretty damn good. Our friend speaks Korean, and watching her order was the highlight. Drinking Korean beer with a shot of Socha was up there too.

We finally got to Courage bagels. Next-generation bagel. Crispy outside with just enough dough inside. The slight sourdough taste comes through the bread. They serve them sliced in half with a few different toppings. I had a poppy with cream cheese that is a bit like a labneh, sliced tomatoes drizzled with olive oil and lemon. Wow. Also, a simple cream cheese, salmon, and capers on a burnt everything are pretty epic. Who would have thought that LA is helping NYC rethink a new bagel program.

We might have traveled around town, but every bite was worth the journey.