What Exactly Is the Great Resignation?

There is so much conversation about this issue. Is it people resigning because they are miserable in their jobs? Or is it the great retirement of the baby boomers? Or are people realizing that the life they want to live is not what they are doing?

Restaurants are being forced to change, and that isn’t a bad thing. Many of the tough jobs in restaurants that are having a tough time being filled is forcing the industry to change. Many were barely making a profit.

I have always told people that if they wake up every morning for two weeks and dread going to work, that even means getting on Zoom, they should rethink their careers. Nothing sucks more than hating your job.

But if it is a great resignation of baby boomers in jobs from truck drivers and employment that the next generation under them are not interested in, we have a bigger problem. Many of them benefited from post-war prosperity. It worked for them.

The jobs market is changing. When baby boomers leave many of these jobs, they will never be filled again. We need to consider medicare and social security: a different world and a different mentality.

One thing is clear; we aren’t going back to life pre-Covid; we are only going forward. It is time for a serious reboot.