Dispensary Crawl

The dispensary’s in LA all have a different edge and vibe. The product assortment is basically the same at this point. We have been to plenty, but we focused on West Hollywood stores this past weekend. West Hollywood has one of the most robust retail areas for those who don’t know LA well.

We actually began in Marina Del Ray because we had to stop at FedEx. This store is a very old school set in a random building behind a door. It makes you feel as you just entered a photo lab store. Marina CareGivers is one of three dispensaries sold to Highway Cannabis Company. HCC has purchased three stores, and together with a cultivation center, they hope to be the largest vertically integrated Cannabis company. In full disclosure, I am an investor.

Our next stop was for food. The taco truck situation is one of the best things about LA. Mariscos Jalisco has excellent food for a few dollars. Unclear how they make money. This shrimp taco is just perfect. Shrimp, avocado, and salsa wrapped in a crunchy taco with just a bit of citrus. So good.

Next stop, The Pottery. Exceptionally clean and modern. Concrete floor with plenty of white and light. Good customer service. The product assortment is a bit broader here. Each brand gets its own spot. It is for the look, do not touch. The salespeople will help vs. being behind the counters.

Didn’t really love this black and white section.

They had good sweatshirts to buy. I bought this one. I believe this is connected to giving to a non-profit.

Next was Serra. This makes a statement with this free-standing store.

This is the most elegant store. Feel a bit like a high-end European chocolate shop. The customer service is fantastic.

The edibles are presented as if we are in a Parisian candy store.

The product assortment is top here too. Piles of cannabis on a plate next to a card that tells the name, how it makes you feel, and other relevant info.

Next up, Cookies. This brand began in 2008 by Berner and Jai. A rapper and geneticist. Super smart. They built a brand around cannabis products. When we were there, the rapper Freddie Gibbs was meeting fans.

A person walks you around to see the products, enter your needs in their iPad, and then the crew where the registers are filled your order—definitely happening there.

Next door is an entire clothing store curated by Cookies with their own apparel too. Smart.

The last stop was the Artist Tree. There is are cannabis plants growing in a glass room.

The store feels a bit like an eyeglass or sunglass shop.

The back-end systems all work a bit differently, just like the front-end. There are also stores with zero vibe that just sell the product. Watching these brands grow and create different experiences is fun to watch. I always thought that this industry would look a bit like the fashion world as one point. In LA, it appears that it is already there. Fashion is the product.