Pickled Radishes

The radishes at the farmer’s market are incredible. My favorite might be the cucumber. Each has a different bite and just the right around of crunch. I felt the need to pickle a few jars and bring them back east.

Pickling always looks so beautiful, and it is relatively easy at home. A few lessons were learned this time around. I stuffed the jars as much as I could with halved sliced radishes. There is still quite a bit of liquid in the jar. Next time I will add the liquid; let them settle, put more radishes in, and perhaps more liquid if needed. Then do a proper canning bath.

This time I poured the boiling liquid in and quickly sealed the jars. They all popped, which means they’re sealed. Next time, a longer process is needed.

The recipe is lots of radishes, 1/2 cup sugar, 1/2 cup white or apple vinegar (you could even use rice vinegar, too), salt, and a bay leaf in each jar. Boil the sugar and vinegar, pour over the top. Voila.

These can stay in the fridge for four months…if they last that long.