The only people who have genuinely been affected by any of the wars we have put our foot in or created have been the young men, women, and the families or our armed forces. 

Watching the Ukraine attempt to keep being taken over by Russia is terrible.  Seeing the families, particularly those with children who are either attempting to leave, barely holding on or being killed, chills me to the bone.  As a Jew, I can’t help but think of WWII when families who were just living their lives were pulled from their homes and killed or, by luck, were able to get out.

Hearing about people in our armed forces wanting to go over there is beyond commendable.  Nobody wants this attack to escalate further.  And today, like no other time in history, are we able to see everything happening play out on social media through a variety of channels and angles.

Cutting Russia off from the rest of the world makes sense.  Biden should declare that the US is also cutting off everything coming from Russia, which means oil.  We will all suffer from that with increased costs. It will be hard in the short term, but new energy sources will become a more significant part of the energy landscape faster in the long term.  We will all suffer vs. only our armed forces if it gets to that.  Let us not let it get to that.

The majority of Americans are distraught at what is happening in the Ukraine.  It appears that the majority of the world is too.  Let’s be offensive now and cut off all trade with Russia. We should all have to suffer. It is time.