The math books in Florida.  Mickey Mouse? Antisemitism in one of the most Jewish states. Anti-immigration, anti-LGBTQ, anti-abortion. Hostility towards Black, Asians, and Latinos. Complete disregard for Covid at its peak. How about that apartment building that fell down?

It is fascinating. How can Floridians let this guy be Governor and do what he’s doing? The real question is why?  What exactly are the short-term and long-term goals and gains?

It is white supremacy at the highest level. It is so utterly frightening that it still exists, but our country is built on that. Then, of course, Florida doesn’t teach history in its classrooms. One part of America is embracing change and equality. In other regions, we are moving toward the ugly past.

Why would anyone remain in Florida (or Texas) embracing this direction? Maybe it’s the heat and humidity? I honestly don’t know. It might be warm, but why are people doing nothing about what is happening?

I read all the magazines, and I see all the new movies, I read new books from a myriad of authors and what I see coming down the pike seems like a significant disconnect from Florida. I am seeing a mixture of talented humans from all different faces and backgrounds.  The cream has always risen to the top. It’s just that the pool has expanded, which is incredible, and a sigh of “finally.”

The more I read and see films from a different era. I realize how far we have come and know we always move forward. Then we see what’s happening in Florida and Texas, and there is such a disconnect. Yet the connection is clear and horrifying on what each Governor’s agenda is pushing.

Why do Florida and Texas have to make it so damn difficult? Culture wars are ugly.   

Education is the fundamental foundation of our country’s future. Taking math books and reading books out of the school’s libraries is a whole new level of control. Just think about it. Don’t we want to leave a better place for our children where they are all treated equally? If kids can see themselves, they can be themselves. It sure as hell is better for the economy.

I want to yell from the rooftops to those hanging on to the past, which didn’t work so well for many. “Give up, stop it. You are going to lose.” If it could only be that simple.