We Have All Become Numb

There is such anger these days, and it continues to accelerate. I don’t understand why someone would get angry at a car coming them off to the point of grabbing their gun and shooting at the car and killing someone. That is no worse than robbing a store for $50 and killing the shop owner. What happened to just flipping the bird at someone?

McKinsey worked with the FDA and Purdue Pharma while helping the FDA approve new drugs that happened to be Oxi. I am no longer shocked. I also do not believe that anything will change. That is the most disturbing.

Our subways are a mess, crime is on the rise, public housing hasn’t been maintained for fifty years, the Marcos family appears to be returning to the Philippines with more false narratives around their education and corruption, Boris Johnson parties hard during Covid after imposing strict rules around Covid in Britain, there are still daily random shootings, China has locked down Shanghai, and people are freaking, checking in at the airport is a disaster, commercial storefronts all over NYC are empty because the owners get a tax write off for being empty so why fill it when they can’t get the price they want anymore, there isn’t enough housing, people can’t afford to pay their bills, abortion rights are being taken away, those involved with January 6th’s events appear that they will all get away with it. Russia is destroying the Ukraine. There are empty storefronts with homeless people passed out or lolling around and we just become numb to it. It is so sad and scary at the same time. 

We have become more corrupt, and nobody seems to get punished. I could go on and on, but as each media outlet pushes this information daily, all skewed towards the audience listening vs. just reporting the facts.

Our systems are broken, and it isn’t easy to get back. Russia has thrown a wrench in everything, and we all sit back and watch?

Every day I feel myself becoming number, more frustrated, and angrier. I know I am not the only one. At what point does this change in a positive direction? Right now, the landscape is looking pretty grim.

Although there are so many positive things taking place, companies are being built with climate change as their number one priority; companies are being built where everyone participates because it is built on the blockchain and technology that will make significant impacts on food and health in the next decade.

I am an optimist at heart, but lately, I find myself numb.