Why Are There Still Wars?

Why are there still wars? In the tech era of change from crypto to software solutions to Tik-Tok, Instagram, and Twitter, why is there still the destruction of human lives for land grabs?

Think about how many books, historical novels, and research books are still written about WWII. We are still learning and processing. What changed post-WII, regardless of the wars that America felt compelled to step our big fat toe into, is technology and trade.

Ukraine is the 5th largest exporter of wheat, accounting for 7% of the sales globally. One cog in the global business trade falls out; the impact is felt everywhere. Covid amplified changes that were already beginning to occur, such as education, e-commerce, digital healthcare, banking, and others. Russia just strengthened clean energy pushing for the end of their number one export that their economy relies upon, oil.

The Russian narrative has always been about how powerful they are, but the reality is quite different. Putin miscalculated the will of Ukraine; he also miscalculated the strength of his military. People do not want war, crazy megalomaniac leaders do, and we all suffer from their insanity.

I can’t imagine having dinner with my family and being in a war the next day. That is essentially what happened in Ukraine, and they have no interest in returning to the old USSR days.

We are all connected, and the world has changed as technology has amplified. Not one country globally functions independently; even North Korea has China and Russia. Syria is a shell of its former self where the people in power are overseeing a nasty civil war.

Why is war the answer to anything? Destruction only creates a mess regardless of which side of the fence you sit on. There has to be a better way.