19 First Graders and 2 Teachers

What is wrong with our country? What is wrong with us? How did we get here? 
What will it take to change our gun laws?

What will it take for the police not to be racists? To do their job and stop killing innocent people?

 It is pure politics, and the majority rule in our Government doesn’t represent the majority. Guns do not belong in anyone’s hands unless major regulations make it very difficult to get a gun. It appears to be very east. The restrictions are minimal. Enough is enough.

Keep in mind that the leading cause of death in children is firearms.

We are rolling back 50 years of women’s rights. What the fuck?

 This is America. I want to believe in my heart that most Americans have had enough killings and do not want what is being foisted on them regarding abortion. We have to change representation in Government and get out there and vote on the issues that matter. Not our pocketbooks

Children, 6-year-old children, were killed at school. How many times does this have to happen?